Gasmet dealers rewarded for FTIR success

7 maart 2014

Finnish FTIR manufacturer Gasmet recently invited its distributors from around the world to attend a training event at a country house hotel outside of Helsinki. During the event, awards were given to the best performing companies and all delegates were treated to a wealth of traditional Finnish hospitality which included a jump into a frozen lake.

FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red) technology has become extremely popular for a wide variety of gas monitoring applications including stack monitoring, industrial process monitoring, chemical spill response, engine emissions, research and occupational safety applications such as port container monitoring and anaesthetic gas detection. As a result of the diversity of applications and the flexibility of FTIR to measure almost any gas, the FTIR business has been very strong and Mikko Ahro, CEO of Gasmet Technologies, said “The meeting provided us with an opportunity to thank our distributors and subsidiaries for the major contribution that they have made to the company’s success.”.

The Distributor of the Year award was presented to Sistec from France, with second prize going to Reaktie B.V. from the Netherlands, and third prize to MBE AG from Switzerland.

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