NASA uses portable FTIR gas analyzer with Leonardo MPLM-1 Module

7 maart 2014

Keeping pace with NASA’s International Space program is no easy feat. However Gasmet Technologies with the world’s first truly portable FTIR gas analyzer put in long hours in its role of testing the air quality from NASA’s Leonardo MPLM, also known as MPLM-1 (Multi-Purpose Logistics Module). The MPLM-1 is one of three modules operated by NASA to transfer supplies and equipment to and from the International Space Station.

Providing real-time measurements of up to 25 toxic gases simultaneously, the portable DX-4030 analyzer wirelessly transfered gas readings from the analyzer housed in a backpack to a handheld rugged PDA by Bluetooth communication. The operator controlled the operation of the DX-4030 via the Calcmet-Lite software running on the Windows mobile platform. Gas readings were easily viewed and recorded and independent audible gas alarms were pre-programed for each gas. Supplementary to grab samples taken with evacuated canisters, the DX-4030 FTIR gas analyzer gave the NASA scientists real-time readings with sub-ppm detection levels of inorganic and organic gases such as Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Acids and Aldehydes and other VOC’s in the module’s airspace.

An inherent advantage of the FTIR measurement technology is its low cost of ownership requiring only a short zero calibration before using the analyzer each day. No other routine calibration or expensive consumables are required.

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